Hey thanks for stopping by! I'm Mister Harms and I teach Junior High and High School Social Studies in a small-town school.  During the summer months when I'm not teaching, I enjoy helping lead a youth camp that focuses on life transformation.  My family and I love to travel and our goal is to see all 50 States! We’re at 47! I truly enjoy teaching and learning because of the influence that knowledge and experiences can have on the lives of our future leaders!

I started teaching at the turn of the millennium - or 2000! I am a fourth generation teacher. My Great-Grandfather taught in a one-room school house making $35/month. My Grandmother started in a one-room school house then outgrew that to become a lifelong teacher (I even had Grandma as my 3rd grade teacher). Both of my parents were career teachers, some of my siblings are educators and I even married a Kindergarten teacher.  So, I guess you could say it runs in the family!  Now I get to teach another generation of students and I have enjoyed each step of the way!

Access Over 80 Lesson Ideas & Resources for the Classroom!

Access Over 80 Lesson Ideas & Resources for the Classroom!

So what's my teaching style? Student engagement. High-quality content. Hands-on activities. Diversified learning. Group collaboration. These are the goals and buzz-words of hope, but ultimately I desire to make learning fun for my students and helping them grow while adding value to their lives.  I hope to use this blog as a way to keep myself engaged and gaining from others in my desire to be rooted in truth, growing in freedom, and prospering in all of life! I look forward to learning from other great teachers, as well as non-teachers, who have a desire to do the same.  Let's see where this takes us!  Here's to the classroom and beyond! 

- Mister Harms